Edward Reardon

Edward Reardon is a composer,arranger, pianist, and keyboardist and versatile improviser.
A Chicago native, he studied music at The DePaul School of Music and has performed in many groups in many situations for a good number of years. In addition to solo and various duo performances he has been heard with numerous bands and ensembles inluding most recently 1234, OneCent, Band at 9, and The (Richard Nickel) transaction Ensemble among others. He is also a co-founding member of Raum-Espaciao Ensemble with Andres Marquetti. In addition to regular live performances, he frequently contributes to the world of theatre, having composed song settings for texts by Brecht, Shakespeare and Sam Shephard. He has also worked on sound for film and video with artists such as Steven Tod, Brian Wyrick and Galina Schevchenko.


Piece Titled Misanthrope
Hit One
Untitled Piece #1
Untitled Piece #2
Untitled Piece #3
Civil Disorder 1
Civil Disorder 2
Piece 9.2.2
Piece 8.3.3
Untitled Improvization

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